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master suites rotherham

Grand Master Suites in Rotehrham

Parkgate Locksmiths have supplied and fitted a variety of master suites for companies in the South Yorkshire region. They have varied in size from a simple keyed alike system to grand master suites that have a single key working hundreds of locks with submaster keys worked into the system.


Grandmaster Keys

A grandmaster key is used where there is a need to lock and unlock a series of doors with only one key. There can then be submaster keys underneath the grandmaster key, these would work specific areas but not every door. There are many different ways a grandmaster suite can be set up and Parkgate Locksmiths are well experienced and qualified to advise you on what would give you the best possible option.

Keying Alike

You may be just looking for a simple system of one key opening multiple locks. This can easily be achieved at not great expense and will help with not having a pocketful of keys to carry around.

Open Profile or Restricted Profile Keys

A restricted profile key is where the key that is used is unique to that lock and the unauthorised cutting of subsequent keys is prevented. This will help in protecting your premises in the future where someone has had a key cut without your knowledge.

An open profile key is where the key itself is of a common profile and keys can be cut with no restriction. This is handy if lots of keys are often required and cost is an issue. Restricted profile keys can be quite expensive to have cut at a later date.


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