Lock snapping accounts for over 90% of burglaries we attend.

Looking for snap-proof locks?

High-security locks are now available which are snap-proof, these brilliant locks cannot be snapped. Call us now for a free estimate or to book an appointment to find out more about anti-snap locks in Doncaster.

What is lock snapping?

As a locksmith, I am frequently asked about lock snapping. A euro cylinder lock secures most uPVC, patio and composite doors. When enough torque is applied to the end of the cylinder, it will snap! Double-cylinder locks are the most prone to this attack and are most likely found on uPVC, patio and composite doors.

Thieves have developed various tools to capitalise on this weakness and are gaining access to homes and commercial properties throughout the Yorkshire region. This usually involves first breaking off the outside handle and then attacking the cylinder.

What can be done to prevent lock snapping?

In the last few years, the manufacturers of euro cylinder locks have developed various methods to combat lock snapping. These anti-snap locks are snap-proof. Some use a method where the cylinder breaks off at a point that does not allow access to the locking mechanism. Others have used a laminated core running through the centre of the lock. This prevents the cylinder from snapping regardless of how much force is applied.

Ultion lock for ultimate protection

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Anti-snap locks packages

We have packages to suit every pocket, and these offer fantastic value, considering they will protect your homes from unauthorised access. Parkgate Locksmiths are the leading locksmiths in Rotherham and recommend that everybody seriously consider having their locks checked.

Ask a professional locksmith for advice.

When choosing a lock to fit, my advice would be to ring your local locksmiths first and get their advice. The costs will vary because anti-snap locks are available in different price ranges. The Ultion, Apecs, Multi-T, and ABS brands are of higher quality than those in the budget range; often, these are found in hardware stores. 

At Parkgate Locksmiths, we are always willing to offer Rotherham and South Yorkshire residents free advice over the phone. If required, we can come to your home and check if your locks are the type that may be compromised. We do not charge for this service, or you can send a picture of the cylinder front. 

Don't forget your handles.

If you are serious about changing your locks and want to know if there is anything else you can do, there are also high-security door handles. These work by eliminating the ability for thieves to snap the handles off in the first place. These “pas 24 handles” are a superb way of offering an extra defence to your home and work as a visual deterrent. Again, several types of pas 24 handles are now available to suit the different door types on the market and budgets.

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