Techniques used by thieves you may never have heard of

Burglary remains one of the most common types of crime in the UK - and it's fair to say thieves are using increasingly complex methods to gain entry into homes.

As the saying goes, 'knowledge is power', so knowing the methods used is essential to securing your property. Here are some of the known techniques burglars use throughout South Yorkshire and other parts of the country.

Door entry techniques used by thieves in Rotherham

Lock snapping

Lock snapping occurs when thieves exploit a weak spot in the euro cylinder fitted to uPVC, patio and composite doors.  They break off the bottom part of the handle that surrounds the mechanism, allowing them to easily tamper with the lock.

This means they can quickly enter your home, putting you and your possessions at risk.

You can protect your property from snapping by installing a complete lock replacement and high-security anti-snap locks.

Letterbox theft

How secure is your letterbox? You probably haven't given it much thought, but it could be putting your home at risk of being broken into.

It's common for thieves to make gadgets that will poke through the letterbox. If the lock on the inside of your door is operated with a thumbpiece, your property is even more vulnerable.

All it takes to unlock your door is a quick turn of the thumbpiece. To prevent this, we recommend installing key-operated locks or letterbox restrictors. 

Lock bumping

Lock bumping is a technique in which a special key is used to "pick" the lock.  Once inserted, the key is struck multiple times —hence the term 'bumping'—which encourages the various pins to move into place. Though it sounds like an easy technique, knowledge is still needed and perfected. 

The door will then open as usual, often looking like it has yet to be tampered with from the outside.

This is one reason why we recommend high-security Ultion locks. They have 11 security pins, which can create 294,970 different combinations. Most standard locks have five or six pins.

High-security locks fitted in Rotherham

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