Security Locks Rotherham

Security Locks Rotherham

There has been a spate of burglaries through upvc doors in the Rotherham area. These are attributed to lock snapping, where the locks on upvc doors can be broken in half.

This weak area can be resolved via the fitting of high security antisnap locks. They do not alter the appearance of the door but do advance the security of your upvc doors massively. If done correctly, thieves can not access your property through the “lock snapping” method.

Even if your property or doors are relatively new, you can not guarantee that you have secure locks fitted. This is why Parkgate Locksmiths are offering to come out free and check your locks. You will not be obliged to pay for new security locks but we will give you a great value price and a cast iron guarantee.

For a call out ring Parkgate Locksmiths in Rotherham on 01709 847171 now.

Security Locks Rotherham

Security Locks Rotherham

Tilt and Slide Door Repairs in Rotherham

Door Repair Services in Rotherham

Tilt and slide doors were a popular choice of doors to the rear of homes in the Rotherham area some years ago. They are also found in increasing numbers in modern apartments as well.

They were great because not only did they allow a large access route into gardens but could be left on tilt and allow fresh air in without allowing an easy entry for vermin unlike traditional sliding doors.

Unfortunately they were not designed to last for ever and eventually because they have wearing parts a repair will be needed.

Emergency Locksmiths Rotherham

Parkgate locksmiths specialise in the repair of all types of

tilt and slide door repairs

Tilt and Slide Door Repairs in Rotherham

doors and tilt and slide doors are in that bracket.

The most common fault being a drive gear failure, when the handle is rotated to open the door or put it on tilt you are operating the locking points that run around the perimeter of the door. These keep the door secure and draught proof.

The doors have a tendency to drop a little over time and this puts strain on the drive gear as well as the fact that people tend to pull on the handle when opening and closing the doors. The handle is attached to the drive gear!

If this fault occurs, we can replace this drive gear and service the whole door at the same time.

UPVC Door Repairs Rotherham

One other common fault is where the gliders which hold the door upright when being slid from side to side wear out, crack and fail. First you are aware of this is when the door begins to topple out from the top. This can be a disaster in certain circumstances. But again the gliders are easily replaced and the door made to run like new again.

It can be that the door is just not opening and closing correctly and is just in need of a service, all part of the type of work we can complete for you.

If you are in need of a repair to a tilt and slide door in the Rotherham area call Parkgate locksmiths on 01709 847171.

Lock Fitting Rotherham

Are you looking to have a new lock to be  fitted to your doors or windows?

Parkgate Locksmiths offer a mobile fitting service of all types of locks fitted to properties in Rotherham at very reasonable prices.

If you have been advised that your door or window is either too old or not cost effective give Parkgate Locksmiths a call 1st. We could potentially save you lots of your hard earned cash by fitting a new lock rather than replacing the complete window or door!

We also fit additional locks where the security of your property requires upgrading for insurance reasons or for your own peace of mind.

Where required only British Standard locks are fitted rather than inferior non British Standard versions.

A common request is to add a “Yale Nightlatch” to a wooden door, or a five lever mortice lock. This is no problem to Parkgate locksmiths and a quote for these can be given over the phone with no obligation.

Windows can sometimes offer little resistance to a potential thief but additional locks can be added to the existing windows in your home and create a greater level of secuirty without it costing the earth.

Ring Parkgate Locksmiths for more info on 01709 847171 anytime. We are a friendly team looking to help secure your homes at the best possible prices.

We can fit all types of locks to Rotherham properties

Lock Fitting Rotherham

Window Doctor Rotherham

Patio Door Repairs in Rotherham

Window Doctor Rotherham

Are you looking for a cost effective repair to a door or window, which comes with a 2 year guarantee?

With the average lifespan of a upvc door locking mechanism lasting 10 years, there is no need to be thinking of replacing what is often still a very good door.

Why not let us fix your door and save you hundreds of pounds.

We have a vast stock of original parts which can be fitted to the doors installed in the  Rotherham area and can have your door working like new, often the same day you call as well.

Even if the door is closed and you are wondering how will the door be opened, don’t worry. As experienced locksmiths we deal with this situation on a daily basis and are able to open up all doors with no damage.

All parts fitted are guaranteed for 2 years so giving great value for money.

We also repair windows, where the locking mechanism’s have failed. These again can be replaced and have the window working like new again.

If the hinges have failed or the handles these also are easily replaced if this is your problem.

For an idea of cost call Parkgate Locksmiths on 01709 847171, we are available on the phone 7 days a week during 7am to 8pm.


What Is Lock Snapping?

On a daily basis as a locksmith i am asked what is lock snapping. In the vast majority of upvc doors a euro cylinder is used to lock the door. When enough torque is applied to the end of the cylinder, it will snap! There are different ways this can be done but i am reluctant to go into too much detail as to how. Double cylinders are the most prone to this attack, these are the type most likely to be found on upvc doors. I mention this because the euro cylinder is used on garage doors as well but they use a single cylinder and so are less vulnerable.
Thieves have developed various tools to capitalise on this weakness and are gaining access to homes and commercial properties throughout the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire regions. This usually involves breaking off the outside handle first and then attacking the cylinder itself!
What Can Be Dones?
The manufacturers of these euro cylinders have developed various methods to combat lock snapping in the last few years. Some use a method where the cylinder will break off at a point which will not allow access to the locking mechanism. Others have used a laminated core running the full length of the lock. This prevents the cylinder from snapping regardless of how much force is applied.
When choosing a lock to fit, my advice would be to ring your local locksmiths first and get their advice. The costs will vary because the locks come in different price ranges where the Cisa and ABS brands are at the top quality end to the ICL budget range. Be sure to ask which is which as i have recently come across various “leaflets” pushed through homeowners doors offering two for one discounts on lock changes where these are the locks that are from the budget range but stating they are of the highest quality.
If you are serious about changing your locks and are wondering if there is anything else that you can do, there are also high security door handles. These work by eliminating the abilty for thieves to snap the handles off in the first place. We call these “pas 24 handles” and are a superb way of offering an extra defence to your home and work as a visual deterrent as well. Again there are several types of pas 24 handles now available to suit the different door types on the market and budgets.
At Parkgate Locksmiths we are always willing to offer free advice over the phone to the residents of South Yorks and if required are able to come to your home and check if your locks are the type which may be compromised. We do not charge for this service.
Ring now on 01709 847 171 for a chat and ask for Stephen.

What is lock snapping?

Local Rotherham Locksmiths

After attending another burglary in the Rotherham area today, we are trying to make as many people in the Rotherham area to extra vigilant now the dark nights have arrived.
Lock snapping continues to be the main threat! This simple act is allowing thieves to gain unlawful access to your property.
Do not think though that nothing can be done about this problem. Act now and give Parkgate locksmiths a call today. Our locksmith services include upgrading your existing locks and handles and negating this threat.
Also check out, and put in your post code. This will give you an idea of the crimes that are being committed in your area now.
Ring our friendly team on 01709 847 171 for a chat and more info.

Locksmith Rotherham

Multipoint Lock Repairs Rotherham

Has the locking mechanism failed in your upvc door?

Multi-point lock repairs in Rotherham

Multi-point lock repairs in Rotherham

Called a “multipoint lock”, they will after many years of use eventually break. This could leave you with a door that you are unable to lock or unlock. If this is the case, it does not mean you need to replace the whole door, only the multipoint lock itself.
Regardless of the age of the door, Parkgate Locksmiths is able to still source the original materials fitted or if not, fit one which will give equal or a higher level of security.
If you are concerned that we will not be able to open the door if it is still in a locked position, not to worry. We are experienced locksmiths and have been repairing and replacing these types of locks for over 20 years.
All work completed comes with a two year guarantee also.
There are many different manufacturers of multipoint locks including Yale, ERA, Locksmaster, Fuhr, Advocett, GU, Mila and many more which we are able to still source.
At the same time as replacing the multipoint locks, we are able to replace the handles and upgrade the lock cylinder. This will help to give the door a fresher appearance and enhance the door security.
Ring our friendly team on 01709 847 171 for more advice and information.

Patio Door Repairs Rotherham

Patio Door Repairs in Rotherham.

Are you in need of a patio door repair?

Do you live in the Rotherham area?

Let Parkgate Locksmiths give you a free quote to repair your patio door. We are local, which means we can serve you quickly. Our work is all guaranteed for 2 years. We offer great value against large national companies as well.

Patio doors will after constant use begin to show signs of wear and tear. The door may become difficult to slide back and forth. This shows the wheels at the bottom are probably seized up. The locking part of the door can become difficult to engage and release, a sign that the door has become out of alignment. Handles can break off, this can occur when the door has been difficult to slide. The keys may have been lost, in this case the lock will just need changing.

We also offer the option to upgrade the security on your existing patio door. Antisnap locks can be fitted if required. Extra patio locking bolts on the inside to increase the locking points.

Parkgate Locksmiths can repair all these problems in the majority of patio doors fitted in the Rotherham area.

With the cost of a replacement patio door costing in excess of £1000 these days, give us a call for a free quote to repair your existing door.

We are local, which means we can serve you quickly. Our work is all guaranteed for 2 years. We offer great value against large national companies as well.

Patio Door Repairs in Rotherham

Ring Parkgate Locksmiths now to get an idea of cost to repair a patio door in Rotherham or to make an appointment on

01709 847 171

Rotherham Locksmiths

Rotherham Locksmiths

Locksmith in Rotherham

Locksmith Rotherham?

Parkgate Locksmiths is committed to offering the people of Rotherham a professional locksmith service at prices that offer great value.

Our services include

  • Lost Keys
  • Lock Upgrades
  • Anti-snap Locks
  • Burglary Repairs
  • Key Cutting
  • Upvc Lock Repairs
  • Repossession Work
    Parkgate locksmiths are a local Rotherham Locksmith company who are available 7 days a week for emergency call outs. We carry a comprehensive amount of stock on the van. This allows us to carry out 99% of work on the first visit, saving you time not having to wait and also securing your home quickly.
    If you require a lock upgrade for insurance purposes or just for “peace of mind”, British Standard locks can be retrofitted to the vast majority of doors on domestic properties in the Rotherham area. So regardless of the type of door you have whether it is wood, aluminium, upvc or composite the locks can be upgraded to increase your home security.
    Our Rotherham Locksmiths also carry out repairs after burglaries. Broken locks, handles, hinges e.t.c can be  replaced quickly and professionally.
    If extra keys are required after new locks have been fitted, there is the facility to have additional keys cut for your convenience. Whats great about this is the keys are all checked there and then.
    Parkgate Locksmiths is able to attend repossessions when required. If there are no keys available, access will be gained by “picking” the locks and new ones fitted.
    All our prices are very competitive and payment can be via debit card, cheque or cash.

    For a Rotherham Locksmith service call Parkgate Locksmiths on

      01709 847 171.



Coldseal Door Repairs in Rotherham

Locksmith Rotherham

Coldseal Upvc Door Repairs in Rotherham

Rotherham Coldseal Door Repairs

Are you having problems with a door fitted by Coldseal?

If you have been told “it’s a new door”, think gain. Parkgate Locksmiths is able to repair and replace the locks, multipoint locks, handles and letterboxes on Coldseal doors.

But I Can’t Open My Coldseal Door!

There is every chance the gearing on the multi-point lock has failed. Don’t worry, our locksmith skills enable us to open up your door with relative ease and change the faulty parts. This will save you a small fortune over buying a new door. The work is also guaranteed for 2 years as well.

My Coldseal Door Is Difficult To Lock

The vast majority of upvc doors “move”. When they do move, it can cause the locking elements to be out of line. So instead of the handle being easy to lift, there is now resistance and the handle is now “hard” to lift up. If you continue with this action, the gearing will fail!

Parkgate Locksmiths is able to realign the door for you and service the door at the same time. Afterwards you will notice how much easier it is to lock the door.

Are The Locks On Coldseal Doors Secure?

Upvc doors in general have gained a reputation for being easy to open by thieves. Coldseal doors have the type of locks which thieves have been attacking. Good news is that the existing locks can be upgraded to the new anti-snap locks. These locks have been proven to help protect your home and family from unwanted thieves.

Emergency Call Outs?

If you require a fast professional call out, we can often be with you today. We understand that your security is important and can offer this helpful service to our Rotherham customers.


For Coldseal Door Repairs in Rotherham call 01709 847 171 now.