Upvc Window Repairs
Upvc Window Repairs Rotherham

Upvc Window Repairs in Rotherham

Professional Upvc Window Repairs Rotherham

Parkgate Locksmiths is able to replace faulty hinges, handles or locking mechanism’s on upvc windows. With over 20 years experience in the upvc repair industry, choose a local, friendly company for an excellent service.

Friction Hinges

The hinges on a upvc window are liable to seize and buckle occasionally. Hardly anybody ever oils the hinges on upvc windows and they become stiff to open and close. After time they then fail. If this has happened, let us replace them for you. This will be considerably cheaper than a new window and quicker.


The locking strip on a upvc window is called an espagnolette. If the window will not open when the handle is rotated, there is a chance the espagnolette has failed.  Parkgate Locksmiths can replace this for you and have your window opening and closing again.

Window Handles

Upvc window handles come in many different types. If you have lost the keys or a key has broken in the lock or they are worn and you need a replacement, call us for a quote. We carry a good selection of good quality replacement handles with us all the time. For an idea of cost give us a call.

For upvc hinge repairs in Rotherham or window handle repairs in Rotherham or upvc window lock repairs in Rotherham call Parkgate Locksmiths on 01709 711 055 now.

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