Upvc Door Repairs
uPVC door repairs in Rotherham

uPVC door repairs in Rotherham

 Upvc Door Repairs in Rotherham

A major part of Parkgate Locksmiths business is the repair of upvc door locks.

Multi-Point Locks

The locking strip on a upvc door is actually called a “multi-point lock”. This is the part of your door which receives the most work and like the tyres on a car, it will eventually need replacing. The first you will know about this is when your door will not open when you press the handle down or that you can not now lock the door. That’s the bad news, the good news is that Parkgate Locksmiths is able to replace any multi-point lock fitted to a upvc door in the Rotherham area regardless of the age of the door or who installed the door in the first place.

This replacement will be either the same type of lock that you had in before or will be an upgraded and more secure version.

The most common reason for failure of a multi-point lock is an alignment problem. Doors move over time and the locking elements do not line up with the “keeps” on the frame. You will have noted that is had become difficult to lock the door. This resistance that was being felt , causes the gearing in the multi-point lock to fail.

Emergency Call Outs.

Parkgate Locksmiths understand that your security is important. We can be with you the same day you call and at times within the hour. Call us now on 01709 711 055 if this is the case and we can be with you straight away.


Our work comes with a 2 year guarantee on the parts fitted and the labour involved. We would like to add that if the original multi-point lock lasted 10 years, then there is every reason that the replacement will last just as long.

For a speedy, value for money upvc door repair in Rotherham from a local company ring 01709 711 055 now.


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