Sliding Patio Door Repairs
tilt and slide door repairs

Sliding Patio Door Repairs in Rotherham

Sliding Patio Door Repairs in Rotherham

Parkgate Locksmiths specialise in the repair of all types of sliding patio doors. These include aluminium doors, tilt and slide doors and upvc sliding doors.

Aluminium Sliding Doors

The repair of these doors is still possible even though many of them are over twenty years old. If you are struggling to slide the door, there is every chance the wheels at the bottom have seized up. We can replace these for you and the door will run smoothly again. If the lock itself has failed, we will look to replace this. There are times when we are not able to source original parts. In this case there are specific patio locking bolts that will still keep the door secure.

Tilt and Slide Door Repairs

Tilt and slide doors were very popular in the South Yorks region. They will be now at a point when they will require some attention.

If the handle will not move or just the opposite and spins around, the “drive gear” will have failed. We will be able to replace this and service the door at the same time.

The door is held upright by the means of 2 “gliders” at the top. From constant use, these can wear out. The first you will know about this is when the door “topples” out. If you can, close the door and call us. We will change the gliders and the door will be operational again.

The door itself glides back and forth on a set of wheels. This is the “bottom bogey”, which carries all the weight of the door. After time this can cause problems. If this is the case let Parkgate Locksmiths give you a quote to replace the bottom bogey.

We also carry handles for sliding patio doors and tilt and slide doors with us all the time if you need a new handle fitting.

For patio door repairs in Rotherham or tilt and slide door repairs in Rotherham call Parkgate Locksmiths now on 01709 711 055


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