Lost, Snapped Keys
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Lost or snapped keys in Rotherham

Lost Keys, in Rotherham?

Have you lost keys and need your door opening, or has a key has snapped in the lock?

Parkgate Locksmiths can help you replace your locks quickly and have your home safe and secure.

All work is guaranteed for two years and we will give you your money back if you are not entirely satisfied.

Lost Keys?

If keys have been lost, we are able to open up the lock for you and then replace the lock with a new one. This will be of a British Standard, if the door is an external one to keep your insurance requirements in order. In case that the situation is an emergency, we are able to offer a fast response and be with you within the hour.

Snapped Keys?

There are times when a key can “snap” inside the lock leaving you with just the end of the key! The key can also “jam” in the lock. No matter how hard you try, the key will not come out. Let Parkgate Locksmiths take care of this for you. We may be able to extract the broken part of the key from the lock and if you have a spare key, cut an extra key for you while we are there. If the key has jammed in the lock, there is every chance it will mean a new lock. We will be able to this for you and have your door locking perfectly again with a brand new lock.

Replacement Keys?

If keys have been lost and you are wondering if the keys can be replaced without the need for a new lock, it depends. If you can supply us with has much information on the existing lock, we will endeavour to source replacement keys for you.

For help with lost keys in Rotherham call us now on 01709 711 055

Our friendly team at Parkgate Locksmiths are here to help with lost keys in Rotherham.

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