Emergency Door Repairs
Exit door repairs

Emergency Exit Door Repairs in Rotherham

Emergency Exit Hardware Repairs In Rotherham

Emergency exit door hardware needs to be be in good working order and not restrict the speedy access in times of an emergency.

Parkgate Locksmiths are experienced in the supply and fitting of replacement hardware to existing exit doors.

Push Pads

A simple pad that is easily recognised to aid the quick access of a fire door. This arrangement will hold the door shut by a “latch”. These can break after constant use. Simple to replace, call Parkgate Locksmiths now for an idea of cost.

Push Bars

You will find push bars on single and double doors. There will be a bar running across the width of the door/doors. It will either hold the door by the means of a single latch in the middle or by vertical rods top and bottom. These can be be replaced if there are signs of wear and tear or the locking part has failed. Call Parkgate Locksmiths for a quote now.

Door Closers

Door Closers which help to automatically close a door after someone has passed through, can fail. Let Parkgate Locksmiths supply and fit a new closer for you. There are many types which are designed for the weight of the door and come under different fire regulations.

Outside Locking Devices

Not always the case but some emergency exit doors can be locked and operated from the outside as well as inside. If the keys have gone missing or the device has broken, let Parkgate Locksmiths supply and fit a new one for you.


For an idea of the cost to replace emergency exit door repairs in Rotherham ring Parkgate Locksmiths now on 01709 847 171.


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