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Coded Locks Rotherham

Mechanical coded locks also known as “digi-locks” locks allow access through a door by the inputting of a specific code. They are a brilliant way of allowing multiple users access without the need for keys.

There are various models available.

Light Duty

Relatively cheap to supply and fit, there use tends to be reserved for internal doors only and where only a low level of traffic is expected. They come in both a mechanical push button version where only one code can be used at anyone time and also a digital version where a limited number of codes can be used.

Medium Duty

These code locks can be used on both an internal and external door. They will except a  greater level of traffic and are a better choice for commercial use if you envisage that they will be used will be for many years. Available in mechanical and digital versions. The digital versions will allow different codes for different people. They will also allow codes to be inputted and omitted relatively easy.

Heavy Duty

If you are looking for a coded lock that will serve you for years to come and allow a high level of traffic, you should be choosing a heavy duty model.They are designed for internal and external use. They can be supplied in both a mechanical and digital format. You can choose between models that require a code to be inputted or a “fob” to swipe across, or even go for a fingerprint version.

Upvc Door Coded Locks

There are also a few coded locks designed solely for upvc doors. Parkgate Locksmiths prefer the Borg coded lock. It is of heavy duty construction and requires a sequential code to be inputted.What is brilliant about this coded lock is it can be retrofitted to an existing upvc door.

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