Tilt and Slide Door Repairs in Rotherham

Tilt and Slide Door Repairs in Rotherham

Door Repair Services in Rotherham

Tilt and slide doors were a popular choice of doors to the rear of homes in the Rotherham area some years ago. They are also found in increasing numbers in modern apartments as well.

They were great because not only did they allow a large access route into gardens but could be left on tilt and allow fresh air in without allowing an easy entry for vermin unlike traditional sliding doors.

Unfortunately they were not designed to last for ever and eventually because they have wearing parts a repair will be needed.

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Parkgate locksmiths specialise in the repair of all types of

tilt and slide door repairs

Tilt and Slide Door Repairs in Rotherham

doors and tilt and slide doors are in that bracket.

The most common fault being a drive gear failure, when the handle is rotated to open the door or put it on tilt you are operating the locking points that run around the perimeter of the door. These keep the door secure and draught proof.

The doors have a tendency to drop a little over time and this puts strain on the drive gear as well as the fact that people tend to pull on the handle when opening and closing the doors. The handle is attached to the drive gear!

If this fault occurs, we can replace this drive gear and service the whole door at the same time.

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One other common fault is where the gliders which hold the door upright when being slid from side to side wear out, crack and fail. First you are aware of this is when the door begins to topple out from the top. This can be a disaster in certain circumstances. But again the gliders are easily replaced and the door made to run like new again.

It can be that the door is just not opening and closing correctly and is just in need of a service, all part of the type of work we can complete for you.

If you are in need of a repair to a tilt and slide door in the Rotherham area call Parkgate locksmiths on 01709 847171.

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