Coldseal Door Repairs in Rotherham

Coldseal Door Repairs in Rotherham

Locksmith Rotherham

Coldseal Upvc Door Repairs in Rotherham

Rotherham Coldseal Door Repairs

Are you having problems with a door fitted by Coldseal?

If you have been told “it’s a new door”, think gain. Parkgate Locksmiths is able to repair and replace the locks, multipoint locks, handles and letterboxes on Coldseal doors.

But I Can’t Open My Coldseal Door!

There is every chance the gearing on the multi-point lock has failed. Don’t worry, our locksmith skills enable us to open up your door with relative ease and change the faulty parts. This will save you a small fortune over buying a new door. The work is also guaranteed for 2 years as well.

My Coldseal Door Is Difficult To Lock

The vast majority of upvc doors “move”. When they do move, it can cause the locking elements to be out of line. So instead of the handle being easy to lift, there is now resistance and the handle is now “hard” to lift up. If you continue with this action, the gearing will fail!

Parkgate Locksmiths is able to realign the door for you and service the door at the same time. Afterwards you will notice how much easier it is to lock the door.

Are The Locks On Coldseal Doors Secure?

Upvc doors in general have gained a reputation for being easy to open by thieves. Coldseal doors have the type of locks which thieves have been attacking. Good news is that the existing locks can be upgraded to the new anti-snap locks. These locks have been proven to help protect your home and family from unwanted thieves.

Emergency Call Outs?

If you require a fast professional call out, we can often be with you today. We understand that your security is important and can offer this helpful service to our Rotherham customers.


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